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Minor limited data, including some case reports, suggest that olanzapine may be associated with a significant prolongation of the qtc interval in rare instances.

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commonly cast-off second-generation atypical antipsychotic drugs comprise aripiprazole abilify , clozapine clozaril , olanzapine zyprexa , quetiapine seroquel , quetiapine fumarate seroquel xr , risperidone risperdal , long-acting risperidone risperdal consta , ziprasidone geodon , and paliperidone invega .

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5 to 5 mg po initially, with careful titration, have been recommended according to the labeling for adjunctive use of olanzapine in treatment-resistant depression or bipolar depression.

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williamsjc neill2004effects of the atypical antipsychotic olanzapine on reproductive function and weight gain in female rats.

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only two antipsychotic drugs quetiapine and olanzapine have been evaluated for the treatment of insomnia, and the limited results do not enable us to determine if they are effective.

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